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If you don't have time for a home survey we can provide you with a quote following a video survey

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  • 1. Visit this page from your mobile & connect to our Live Video chat for an instant boiler quote.
  • 2. Show us the layout of your home and what kind of boiler you want (eg straight Combi swap), and get an estimate straight away ? no need to book in a survey.


We want to make sure that you get the right boiler for your home and simply asking you to fill out a form on a web page answering a few questions won’t allow us to do that for you.

Ask any reputable heating engineer and they’ll back me up on this, but using an online company in this way is a risk because it can lead to the wrong boiler being installed in your home.

This can mean one of 2 things. Either the boiler won’t be powerful enough for your hot water requirements or it will be overkill which will mean your energy bills will be higher than necessary – plus you’ll be adding excess emissions into the atmosphere. We don’t like that.

So, what this means is, that to get the best boiler fitted in your property you’ll really need to have a home survey carried out.

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Look at your boiler – at a distance so we can see where it is, clearances etc. Check the flue outside Look underneath the boiler to see if we can see the data badge – then we know the size of the boiler etc. See the controls See the room stat See the programmers Pipework configuration around and under the boiler Look at the cylinder or hot water tank Look in the airing cupboard Look at the gas meter – a lot of boilers need 22mm supply. We may need to upgrade the gas supply if there are too many appliances running on 15mm look at the CWST in the loft. We need to see the state of the tank or how easy it is to get to if we are upgrading to a combi. How many radiators How many showers (electric doesn’t count) Look at drain – if the boiler is in the kitchen or on an outside wall it’s easy to punch a hole and run the condensate outside. Alternatively, you can also connect into a waste pipe under the sink or into the soil stack. May need a condense pump if the boiler is lower than the drain.

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You can always count on our friendly team of registered plumbers and gas engineers for their expertise, trustworthiness and professionalism.

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Here are just a few of the many reasons why it makes sense to make Palace Plumbers your first choice when it comes to reliable plumbing and heating services.

Local Company

Local Company

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Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

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All Work Guaranteed

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No Call Out Fee

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At Palace Plumbers we pride ourselves on transparency and trustworthiness, and this is one of the main reasons why the majority of our work comes via referrals and recommendations from many of our satisfied customers.

Glen Holdsworth VERIFIED

I have used this company a few times and have always found them to have excellent service and good communication. Friendly and professional engineers that will fix your problem swiftly.


Great service - the team was very responsive and it was refreshing to work with a modern organisation that used technology to support the management of the business. 10/10.

Amanda Leary VERIFIED

Great customer service. The office are very polite and friendly and the plumber arrived on time and completed the job quickly - despite others trying to charge more by stating the problem was bigger than it was.


At Palace Plumbers we have attained a number of accreditations from trade bodies that reflect our focus on delivering our services to the highest possible standards.

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