Regular Boilers [The Ultimate Guide]

Matt Robinson | Updated on March 24, 2021
Regular Boilers - The Ultimate Guide

Regular boilers are the oldest type of boiler but they are now manufactured keeping in mind the new energy laws. Conventional boilers are not obsolete, in fact, a lot of homeowners staying in larger properties opt for this. In the past years and even this year, we have been selling regular boilers. In this article, we would be discussing conventional boilers in great detail.

Now, in this article, we shall discuss combi boilers, an ideal choice for residential buildings. Are you worried about rising heating costs? Opting for a combination boiler is the best option. It’s pretty challenging to have an understanding of the world of boilers, there are so many models, so many manufacturers, a lot of sales and installation.

What is a conventional boiler?

Conventional boilers are also vented, regular or heat only boilers, these units operate your central heating via a separate boiler and water cylinder. Regular boilers are very simple and once upon a time, these systems were found in the majority of UK homes. But again with advancement, these days? traditional boilers are generally found in old properties. The units are ideal for homes having a huge demand for hot water or homes that have many bathrooms. Conventional boilers are not suitable for smaller properties because they require a cold water tank and hot water cylinder. There are wide ranges of traditional boilers so that you can choose the right one for your home.

Regular boilers would always need a hot water tank and also cold water storage mainly occupying the loft. But it depends on the system you are using, whether it?s vented or unvented. The unvented systems are also known as sealed systems; these operate mainly under pressure using the air bubble formed in the expansion vessel or cylinder. This allows expansion of the hot water; this is the reason why you do not need a cold water tank. When it comes to a vented hot water system, there is a vent pipe that connects the hot and the cold water tank and it works for expansion. Thus, it needs a cold water tank.

If you are residing in an area having a low water pressure, a regular boiler is the best choice. The best part is, unlike combi boilers these units can supply a large volume of hot water. One very important thing you must know that it?s a rule that all boilers will have to be condensing ones. This means if you install a conventional boiler today, it has to be a condensing boiler. Condensing regular boilers take up heat from the gases and fumes that come up while heating, the fumes are recycled, and this saves money, energy and carbon footprint. It’s the best choice for homeowners who are conscious of the environment.

The main differences are:

Boiler type Cold Water Storage Tank Hot Water Storage Cylinder
Regular boiler
System boiler
Combi boiler

How does a conventional work?

The cold water supplied from the tank is heated and transferred to the hot water cylinder. Once the system is fuelled, the heat exchanger immediately starts working, warming the water and this water is transported to the tank that stores hot water via a pump. This hot water is supplied into the taps, showers, and faucets. Traditional boilers might be open-vented or sealed and these boilers are best suited for homes that have older radiators. It might happen that radiators that become old might not be able to tolerate the elevated water pressure of other boiler types.

In case you have an already existing conventional boiler, its best to install a traditional boiler again. You need to pay for little pipe-work, the installation is easy and quick. There are conventional boilers that are also compatible with systems that run on solar heating; this lowers the wastage of energy and carbon emission. You must bear in mind that a regular boiler cannot produce instant hot water. You need to program the thermostat accordingly so that water is heated in advance.

Traditional boilers have an expansion vessel within; it helps to maintain a constant pressure by controlling heated water after expansion. This is vital as it safeguards pipes and pumps from bursting. An expansion and feed tank basically helps to maintain the water level of the heating system and sometimes used to hold surplus hot water.

Advantages of a conventional boiler

We still suggest conventional boilers to some of our customers because they do have advantages. Here are the set of pros:

  • Multiple taps can deliver hot water at a time ? This is a very big advantage that only regular boilers have. There would be more necessity for hot water in big families and in homes that have many bathrooms. Regular boilers are the best when the hot water demand is high. This is the reason why regular boilers are still the hot favourite for many customers.
  • Installation is quick and easy ? Do you already have a regular central heating system installed at home? If you are planning to replace, bear in mind that it?s cheap, easy and quick to replace it with a conventional boiler again. You would have to invest more if you plan to change the boiler type.
  • Energy efficiency ? The boilers that we sell at Plumbers 911 are all energy-efficient, A-rated and most environment-friendly. We sell boilers from the topmost brands like Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and also Ideal. If you get your boilers from our store, we ensure low energy bills. We are also selling all condensing boilers, thus very energy efficient.
  • Small leaks are not a problem ? The main advantage of a regular boiler is that small leaks are not a major issue and does not cause any loss of pressure in the shower.
  • These could be fitted along with an electric immersion heater ? All these devices come with a back-up because what if your boiler fails to work in heavy winters? If you have an immersion heater, you would have a backup and access hot water when required. This is one of the biggest advantages of installing a regular boiler because the other types are not equipped with the feature.

Disadvantages of a conventional boiler

Installing a conventional boiler also has certain drawbacks so take a look at those:

  • Boiler operation can be pretty expensive
  • Compared to other types of boilers, it?s a costly affair to install these units
  • It needs more space for water tank and a hot water cylinder
  • It takes time for the water to get heated up
  • You get hot water access as much as the tank can accommodate

Conventional boiler installation cost

Have you made up our mind about buying a new boiler? The pricing of installing a conventional boiler can actually vary and it’s influenced by the present central heating system you own and the flow of water. If you get in touch with us, it?s easy to get a quote for a new boiler online.

You might be thinking now that how much would it cost to install a new boiler? We are always ready to offer you a personalised and realistic estimate for a new installation. Some of the factors that determine the cost are, the size of your property, your hot water and heating requirements, the labor involved and how complex would the installation process be. Now, for those of you who wish to know the pricing, you can consider about 1600 Franks and the tax would also be calculated accordingly. Simply fill in the form on our website and get in touch with us.

Which conventional boiler do I need?

There is a wide range of traditional boilers so that every homeowner can find an ideal one. We also have a team of experts offering you advice and free consultation. We concentrate on the fact that all UK homes must have the right boiler installed so that every home is being heated efficiently. When it comes to selling a regular boiler, we consider factors like the central heating requirements, the size of your home; all of these decisions the kW output from the new boiler.

The kW of the boiler mainly influences the ability of the unit to cope up with the central heating requirements. It’s generally based on how many radiators and bathrooms are there in your property. It is very important that the size of the boiler must match with the heating requirement you have a home.

On an average as per the guide, you might need a 12-15kw boiler for homes that have 1-3 bedrooms and a single bathroom. An 18-24kw boiler is best for homes having 3-4 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms. A 30kw plus boiler is ideal for homes 4 bedrooms or even more and have more than 2 bathrooms. We have a team of Gas Safe engineers who can carry out a professional installation of these systems.

Most popular conventional boilers

Talking about boiler brands, there are so many companies offering quality systems like the premium Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal, Vokera and Baxi. Worcester Bosch is the most preferred boiler brand among UK homes, all their conventional heating systems are the best for the past 8 years, all the boilers are of premium quality, the Worcester units are well known for efficient, reliable products mainly recommended by certified engineers.

A Worcester boiler could improve the heating of your property. This brand sells the most reputable products and they have their bestselling Greenstar range which is suitable for all kinds of properties. They have products designed for various types of properties, mainly of all shapes and sizes. The best Worcester Conventional Boiler models are the very compact Worcester Greenstar 15 RI Regular Boiler ERP and the eco-friendly Worcester Greenstar 18RI Regular Boiler ERP. If you wish to get a quote about the Worcester Bosh range, get in touch with us. All the boilers come with 10 years of warranty.

Vaillant is also leading boiler brands who are mainly into selling the most energy-efficient ones. It’s basically a 5-star brand and the systems are built with quality, easy to service and repair. This brand has earned a reputation for manufacturing the best products for more than 140 years. We are selling different types of Vaillant boilers, we also offer installation at a very competitive price and our service is very reliable. These boilers are designed keeping in mind the constantly changing requirements of the property environment. Ecotec is our best range of modern boilers. Now here is a list of the best conventional boiler models from Vaillant: EcoTec Pro 24, Ecotec Pro 28, Ecotec Plus 831, EcoTec Plus 832.

Final words

You must know that a boiler usually lasts for 10-15 years and beyond this time period its best to get a new boiler. So here are the instances when you can get a new boiler:

  • If the boiler is beyond affordable repair – Sometimes the engineers might suggest you get a new boiler because your existing boiler needs a super expensive repair. It’s a decision you need to agree upon and our experts are there to recommend the boiler type, the model and the brand.
  • You might need to move the system – You might be unhappy about the present location of the boiler but instead of moving the existing one, it’s best to install a new boiler in the desirable location.
  • You are renting or selling your home – Installing a new boiler increases the value of your property. Tenants or buyers are not happy with old central heating systems.
  • Your boiler is low-energy efficient – Low energy-efficient boilers lead to high energy bills. The UK government has instructed to install A-rated boilers for better energy savings and these boilers are energy friendly.
  • If the current system cannot fulfill the needs – A lot of homeowners opt for boiler replacement because they have enhanced hot water and heating requirements.

We offer affordable boilers and installation services to all clients and we are proud to have returning customers. We have a dedicated team for service and maintenance, these certified engineers are always at your service and they try finding a solution earliest. We also offer lucrative offers and seasonal discounts on regular boilers. Get in touch for a free online quote, you can also leave a message on our website.

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