System Boilers [The Ultimate Guide]

Matt Robinson | Updated on March 25, 2021
System Boilers - The Ultimate Guide

Are you planning to invest in a new central heating system? Basically, a heating unit must be sufficient for your homely requirements. You also need to keep in mind that an oversized unit would lead to wastage of energy. You need to look into factors like the number of people staying, how many taps or showers you are using and the total available space. As per government rules, these days all gas boilers are condensing ones so that you can save energy. While choosing the heating system for your home, the fuel type is an important consideration. In this article today, we are going to discuss system boilers.

What is a system boiler?

A system boiler is capable of heating your central heating system directly and it can generate hot water for the storage cylinder. Basically, this boiler is a heat-only system and it’s somewhat similar to regular boilers. There are some additional units like pressure release valve and expansion vessel. These boilers always need a tank for storing hot water but they do not have a cold water tank. These units take up lesser space compared to the regular ones.

System boilers are also called sealed boilers and are best for homes having a standard demand for hot water. A system boiler is the best choice for homes that are larger in size and have heating requirements. System boilers are the most efficient choice and an alternative to conventional boilers. It’s easier and quicker to install a system boiler because most of the individual heating and warm water components are built inside the boiler. So, the installation can be done in a very tidy and less disruptive way.

There is a system that pumps and supplies hot water to the radiators and the hot water sealed cylinder allows you to get access to hot water really quickly from the taps. This is more energy efficient because less amount of heat is wasted. Usually, system boilers are installed on a high-pressure unvented system. This ensures that you do not need any additional boiler facilities and this saves your space. We have a wide range of high-quality system boilers from the top-rated boiler brands to ensure you get the best boiler for your home. These boilers are best for homes that have many bathrooms because these units can supply hot water to many taps at a time. These boilers make your home energy efficient by cutting down the running costs. This is the ideal choice if you are planning a loft conversion.

How does a system boiler work?

The system boilers work on ‘stored hot water’ rule. There are in-built components like the pump and expansion vessel and this makes the system easy to install, simpler to maintain and boosts the efficiency. The pump does all the work of transferring hot water from the boiler to the radiators; this gives better response time while heating.

Advantages of a system boiler

System boilers come with a lot of advantages and the reputed brands have designed products in such a way that it meets your exact requirements. Now, take a look at the advantages of installing a system boiler:

  • It is very easy to install – The essential components of the system boilers come built-in, therefore it?s very easy and quick to install. Our engineers would take very little time for installation without creating chaos. Since all the components are in-built, the system is highly compact, and there is only a cylinder which you can even store inside the cupboard.
  • Best for high hot water demand – The tank where hot water is stored is pretty large which means you can access multiple taps at a time without reducing the water pressure. It’s best for properties that have more than one bathroom, rather busy households.
  • Good water pressure and is economical – The water supply is delivered from the main connection to the water that comes out of the tap has a higher pressure than the usual boilers. System boilers have a pump, therefore, its way more economical in terms of running costs. There is no need for a cold water tank and this can surely save a lot of your space.
  • Solar thermal compatible – If you are very conscious about the environment and feel that you must take a stand to save the environment, then installing a system boiler is the best decision. The cylinder or tank that stores hot water can be changed to solar power for generating the hot water.

Disadvantages of a system boiler

  • The Hot water might have to be reheated
  • Needs extra space for hot water cylinder
  • You might need to pre-program your system boiler if you demand hot at a point of time
  • The size of the cylinder actually decides the amount of water you can use
  • Might require insulation to arrest the loss of heat and energy
  • You do not need a cistern in the loft

System boiler installation cost

Firstly, it is important to know that there are various models of system boilers available and each of them comes with different price tags and it ranges around 500 Frank to 3,500 Frank which is without installation. The price of installation depends on the company you hire. When it comes to installation, it is important to get the right deal. These days most people install condensing system boilers which are very similar to a condensing combi boiler. These boilers reuse heat that remains within the exhausted gases that are usually released in the air. So, this energy-saving makes it more efficient. The heat exchangers take advantage of the latent heat and thus reduces the fuel requirements every time water is heated, this reduces fuel costs. Now to give you an idea about the installation costs, it?s around 2000 Franks and there is VAT for replacing an old system boiler with a new one. Now that you have planned to get a new boiler, it?s great that you have come to us, the most trusted sellers of the best boiler brands.

When planning to install a system boiler, the most important thing that rings in your mind is the cost factor. Sometimes a boiler installation is an expensive affair but a suitable boiler installation is worth the cost. Yes, by installing modern boilers, you could save so much of your energy bills. We aim to offer the best boilers at a competitive pricing.

Which system boiler do I need?

When you think of installing a new boiler, you must remember that each property has dissimilar heating requirements and every boiler type has unique properties. We have in stock a whole range of system boilers, all different models, vary in size and are from different brands. We have a team of experienced advisors who are always available for a consultation so that you buy the one needed for your home. While deciding which system boiler you must invest in, the experts always consider your hot-water and heating usage, the total available space and the budget. You must always keep in mind the kW output that is ideal for your home. This measurement for output indicates the ability of the boiler to cope up with the heating requirement you have. The number basically depends on the number of radiators and bathrooms present. So here are a few quick questions you can ask yourself before investing in one:

  • How many people are there in your household?
  • What is your budget? It?s very important
  • What brand you must buy?
  • Do you wish to invest in an eco-efficient model? It’s a higher investment for one time but it would lower your bills. Boilers are rated from A to G but the ones having A are the most energy-efficient ones.

Here are the different factors that would help to decide whether you would invest in a system boiler:

  • System boilers consume more space – Compared to combi boilers, system boilers take up more space even after having no cold-water tank. Space is consumed because of the wide hot water tank. You must also know that system boilers take up lesser space than the regular boilers.
  • Well insulated tank – The tank or the hot water cylinder must be rightly insulated to check the heat loss, which in turn saves wastage energy.
  • No instant hot water – Hot water is mainly stored in a tank that can hold a limited amount of water, therefore use hot water in a limited amount or else you would run out of it. Once you have used all the hot water, you would have to wait for some more time.

Here are a few things you must consider before investing in a boiler:

  • Will the boiler model be reliable over the next few years?
  • Can you add any digital thermostat controls?
  • Are you going to fit it where you have the existing boiler?
  • Would the new boiler make less noise than the existing one?
  • What would be the expense of installation?

Most popular system boilers

Worcester Bosch is the most reputed central heating company in the UK that manufactures domestic heating equipment. All their boilers are rated, the units are premium designed and the boilers are designed to be energy efficient. Some of the best selling system boilers from Worcester are Worcester Greenstar 24i System, Worcester Greenstar 271 System, Worcester Greenstar 18i System, Ideal Logic System S24. Worcester Boiler is a fabulous addition to UK homes and its most preferred central heating brand in the UK. All the boilers are manufactured with great care, maintaining the safety standards and keeping in mind the reliability factor. Their boilers are ideal for small to big homes because they have qualities like highly energy-efficient, the products are of extremely high quality and all the models are cost-effective. Boilers are available in different series like The Greenstar i Series, The Greenstar SI Compact, The Greenstar CDI compact, and The Greenstar CDI Classic. Worcester boilers have proper warranty, services and repair solutions.

Vaillant is also a very reputed brand selling energy-efficient boilers and is known to have an industry experience of 140 years. The brand designs boilers and have succeeded in keeping up with the expectations of the customers. The company keeps in mind the individual requirements also tries to keep the environment healthy. Take a look at the Valiant ranges; mainly they have three categories like EcoTec Pro, EcoTec Plus and EcoTec Exclusive.

Now that you have an idea about the boilers available from the two most popular brands, you can request a free quote.

Final Words

A local plumber would have cheap products and they might also fail to offer regular maintenance services and would also charge high repair bills in case of assistance. It is very important to hire a reputed plumbing agency for boilers and services. Basically, there are so many boiler manufacturing companies in the UK and each of them claims to be the best but we are mainly selling boilers from Worcester and Valiant, we also have a flexible monthly maintenance plan for our customers. Apart from boiler installation, we also offer boiler moving services in case you wish to change the location of the boiler. The expense depends on the complexity but our experts handle it very efficiently. If you find difficulty in deciding what heating system you must buy, we have our experts for consultation; they would guide you through the entire process correctly. Send us a request for a quote today!

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